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  • PFAS chemistry related to severe Covid-19 filter SVG

    According to a peer-reviewed Danish study, elevated levels of PFAS compounds are associated with a more severe form of Covid-19. This study involved 323 patients infected with the coronavirus and found that those with elevated levels of a chemical called PFBA were more than twice as likely to dev...
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  • Introduction and application of potassium dicarboxylate

    Potassium dicarboxate is important as a growth promoter because of its safety and antimicrobial activity, both based on its simple and unique molecular structure. Its main components formic acid and potassium formate occur naturally in nature and in the pig intestines, and are eventually decompos...
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  • Hebei binshare new material co. ltdresearch and develop new products: calcium propionate, calcium acetate.

    Calcium Acetate Usage: Inhibitors; Stabilizers; Buffers; Flavor Enhancers; Preservatives; Nutritional Enhancers; pH Regulators; Chelating Agents; Processing Aids; Also used in the Synthesis of Acetate. As the excellent calcium supplement, it also uses in medicine and chemical reagents. If you ha...
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